Mission Opportunities

We need advance teams to go to Unengaged and Unreached People Groups. Just as the Israelites sent worshippers ahead of the soldiers to proclaim God’s power over that city Jericho Advance Teams are needed to go to Muslim, Hindu, Tibetan Buddhist and animistic people groups and break down spiritual walls and forces of darkness that keep them from turning to the Lord. Jericho Advance Teams will go, walk over that land and claim it for the Lord, worship, pray for healing, signs and wonders in order to prepare these precious people to receive the Savior of the world.

GGF Projects


Jericho Teams
(short-term teams)

(short-term advance teams of worshippers and prayers) composed of 4-6 persons. Jericho Teams will seek People of Peace, then pray for healing, signs and wonders, and tender hearts to hear the Gospel message. Short-term teams will go for 10 days to 2 weeks to selected UUPG’s where no one else is praying or going. Selected UUPG’s will be Muslim, Hindu, animistic and Buddhists groups.
• Each team will require $2,000 per person.

Jericho Teams
(long-term teams)

After Jericho Teams go and “prepare the soil” longer-term teams will be sent to each area. We pray some of these longer-term workers will come from the Jericho Teams. A team will be composed of 3-5 units (one unit is a married couple or single). UUPG’s teams will prepare and go together to do language study, learn world view and cultural norms, and develop friendships which will lead to spiritual conversations about Jesus. The End-Vision for each team is to lead local people to the Lord, then disciple them so they will form into multiplying groups and churches. Each multiplying group or church will continue to multiply itself in the local heart language with local believers leading and teaching. This will result in culturally appropriate forms of worship and outreach.
• Depending on location of a particular UUPG the cost to support each team for two years will be $5,000-8,000 per month. (During the project period of 3-5 years teams will raise up support to remain longer-term or more than 5 years.)

Mobilization Videos & Materials

To mobilize effectively GlobalGrace will need to prepare videos and other materials which can be used on the GGF website, social media and in other formats to share with potential partners and missionaries.
• Short, pithy video clips will be vital to clearly communicate the needs and challenges of reaching people who live in some of the hardest places in the world. UUPG’s mostly live in remote, closed or restricted areas. As far as we know no one is praying for the selected UUPG’s. No one is going to them. They have no Christians living among them, no churches, no Bibles and no access to the Good News of Jesus.
• Cost to prepare mobilization materials and get on website and social media is estimated at $3,000.


Mobilizers will be raised up to proactively pursue new missionaries for UUPG’s.
• Seeking 5 new mobilizers to go to churches, universities, seminaries, Bible colleges, Perspectives classes and mission conferences to share about the needs of the world and ways to partner with GlobalGrace.
• Our prayer is for hundreds of new missionaries to go to some of the hardest places on earth to take the Good News of Jesus. Mobilizers will be a vital part of raising up new workers for the harvest.
• Each mobilizer will be able to share the vision in a clear and concise way to potential partners and missionaries. Mobilizers will seek appointments with pastors, professors and other mission influencers, as well as individuals, to share this vision and personalize the challenge.
• Mobilizers will organize and lead people on vision trips to UUPG areas where new workers will be sent.
• Mobilizers will help develop materials which will give visual images of what missions is all about.
• Mobilizers will need $2,500-3,000 per month to devote full time to this strategic and important pursuit. An additional $1,000 per month will be needed for travel and other expenses. (During the project period of 2 years mobilizers will be raising additional support as they accomplish the goals for mobilizers.)